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                                                                                        Nytorp around 1900.                                                                      


From the start, there was a cottage on the spot, called Rydhus. But at the time of the land reform, 1866, when the farmers were forced to move out from the villages, the farm Nytorp was built here. If you look carefully at the groundstones you can find one with the inscription "1792". Maybe it origins from the cottage or was moved from "the old place" in the village.


It was an impressive farm for the area and Pål Olssons wife, Botiila, was a demanding woman. Only the wealthier farmers painted their houses yellow, as this colour was more expensive than the standard red. Maybe it became a little too grand, because 13 years later the farm was declared bancrupt.


Owners succeeded each other until the Krook Foundation bought everything in 1952. The foundation owns all of the "Klåveröd recreation area" today and one of their aims is to get people out in the open air and experience the countryside. Nytorp was on lease as a small farm until the 80s, and then it was rented out weekly for holidays.


I discovered the Klåveröd area in the 90s, when I moved out from Malmö with my family. I explored every path in the forest with the dog, and instantly loved it! Often I ended up drinking my coffee in the garden of Nytorp. There were rarely any guests and I thought it was a pity not to use this peaceful place better.


I introduced my ideas to the Foundation in 2010 and we planned and developed the hostel/café together. Everything went very quickly and in the summer of 2011 we were ready to open. The house was totally renovated and with a new extension for the café. Three new cabins were placed where the garden meets the forest.


Today I rent the place from the Foundation. Klåveröds vandrarhem & café is a dream come true! My guests use it just the way I intended, they make themselves at home, relax and enjoy it. (And so far I haven't met any ghosts, so I guess former occupants don't disapprove)